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Mere Greene


Lets fact it, yoga just gets a bad rap. Many only think of burning incents, flexibility, something about breathing, with silly hand postures and chakras!

Which is what makes yoga so unique. With so many different styles it can be a restorative practice or it can be the hardest workout you’ve ever experienced and any place in between. The style of vinyasa yoga can offer a great compromise with several modifications available to adjust the flow to meet your individual needs. Take for example mountain pose (standing pose). You can stand there focused on your breathing waiting for the queue for the next pose; or you can engage muscle to bone from your feet up to your head maintaining this while focusing on your breathing waiting for the next queue. Two completely different experiences for the same pose, it all depends on what you need out of the hour you’ve given yourself.

Yoga teaches you to listen to your breath and to then adjust your practice accordingly. Every body is unique and everyones needs are different. What you need one day may be completely different then what you need the next day. So it’s not about what your fellow yogi is doing next to you, it’s all about you, just you with no comparisons and no judgments.

Yoga not only strengthens your body and gives you more flexibility but it also:

  •  Increases your stamina for other sports as your learn to control your breathing
  •  Improves your balance, enabling you to become more agile
  •  Discovers and develops your transverse abdominal muscle, which is the deepest muscle group of your core. That six pack looks pretty but your TVA is where most of your strength comes from; especially for arm balances, inversion poses and when engaged will absolutely increase your weight lifting threshold.
  •  Numerous health benefits to your digestive system
  •  And ladies it will stop the fear of sneezing, coughing or laughing too hard in public

The true practice of yoga is beyond the poses. It’s a journey to train your breath, mind and body to come into perfect balance. A balance you then start to take with you off the mat.

So I challenge you to come and try something new.

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