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This allow us to address very specific issues. Whether it is a deficiency...



Athletes are placed in these groups based on the sport or positions. This helps to make training accessable...



Teams of any size. A Focuse is placed on individual development of the athletes as well as team...



The focus of this program is to begin to teach kids the proper movement patterns of the body...


Warrior ELITE BB Club

The Warrior ELITE Barbell Club is ELITE Strength and Conditioning's new Weightlifting team. Comprised of men and women of all ages and experience levels. Olympic Weightlifting has amazing benefits regardless of who you are. If you are looking to improve your athletic performance Weightlifting will devlop the posterior chain, an essential building block from which to build a healthy body and long career. It will improve mobility and coordination throughout the body allowing you to generate strength and power through a greater range of motion.  Read more...

E.S.C. Training

Regardless of the size of the group, 1 or 50, ELITE Strength and Conditioning offers a system that allows for individualized attention and growth. Each athlete/clients progress is tracked on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis. No matter what the ultimate goal is there must be a progression of training that is tracked and monitored to prevent stagnation or plateau. E.S.C. provides an individualized program packet to each individual that allows us to track every set of every exercise. This enables us to specifically adjust the programs intensity, volume, and overall make-up from week to week based on any circumstances.

Sport Specific Programing

Chances are you have heard the term sport specific. What does this really mean? Most people have a tendency to blow this way out of proportion by doing all kinds of strange, creative, exercises that try to mimic the exact joint movement produced in their respective sports or positions. For example, if a pitcher were to throw a weighted baseball in the hope of increasing pitching speed all they would succeed in doing is destroying there shoulder. Sport specific training has less to do with mimicking movement and more with mimicking muscle action and speed. Athletes must be able to produce power throughout the body in a safe constructive manner. The other side of sport specific training involves knowing what kinds of deficiencies and injuries certain sports and positions are prone to and strengthen certain areas of the body to help maintain balance and prevent injury through the entirety of their career.


Creating good athletes is more than just physical, it's mental. Being a smart, accountable and responsible athlete leads to success in sports and in life.  

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