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Functional Strength and Conditioning

"Age is no barrier. It's a limitation you put on your mind."(Jackie Joyner-Kersee)

(Strength/Endurance/Coordination/Balance/Body Image)

Athletic Performance is one reason to keep your body finely tuned but once our athletic careers end we begin to see the other numerous benefits to keeping in shape.

ELITE Strength and Conditioning is offering an exciting new training program to the general public. Iron Works gets past all the gimmicks and fads and brings focus back to the tried and true barbell and dumbbells. There are hundreds and hundreds of time tested exercises that can be done with nothing more than a bar a set of dumbbells and a little bit of space to work. There are many benefits to this type of workout. Iron Works allows the individual to get a whole body workout tailored to their specific goals. This program is extremely efficient allowing for a high volume of work in a short period of time. Whether your goal is to get stronger, lose weight, or just get in shape, Iron Works has the tools for success. This program teaches the basics behind strength and conditioning from technique to philosophy and principles. E.S.C. creates an atmosphere of positive reinforcement and the ability to challenge yourself in an enjoyable environment.

Functional Strength Training

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